i work two jobs, go to college, and live with my boyfriend and my cat. we play video games and eat food.

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here's that bad advice you were hoping for: Do I Have To Talk To My Daughter Even Though She Won't Give Me The Grandchildren I Deserve? 


Dear Prudence, 18 June 2013:

Q. My wife and I just learned our daughter and her husband have decided to divorce. It’s for a reason discussed here before—he wants children, she doesn’t. We’re stunned and hurt because he was up-front about this and she has come to a conclusion which we feel is…


axe literally has a scent called africa they have decided as a company what an entire continent smells like and people do not question this



a recent survey shows that men are incredibly attracted to a boob

Just the one.

cosmo tip #669


if you don’t have at least one moustache on something you’re wearing at all times, you’re not a free spirit

cosmo tip #671


remember, men prefer girls with long hair so grow it so long that you can slowly wrap him up in it never to be seen again






everyone should take a moment of silence to remember the life of larry the cable guy

he certainly got it done…

rest in peace 1946-2013

He isn’t dead

shhh it’s okay sometimes we are in denial when something like this happens

that’s not even the year he was born

it’s okay to be upset

cosmo tip #672


coax him to take you out for dinner so he will think it will end with a romantic evening in bed, except get your meal to go and just eat that instead of paying attention to him because food is better than boyfriends anyways

cosmo tip #674


having a boyfriend is like having a companion with extra carry weight so you don’t have to be overburdened with items

cosmo tip #675


seductively eat all the food in his house

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cosmo tip #680


cool summer drink ideas:

cosmo tip #652


when you’re about to cum shove your fist into his asshole like he’s a puppet and yell “i KILL YOU!! achMED THE TERRORIST REFERENCE!!” like jeff dunham would do if he was still alive

Ok who choose her as spokesperson for our gender?

Ok who choose her as spokesperson for our gender?

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